由训练有素的DoALL工厂区域经理,DoALL has had a tremendous success with this value added training class.  With demand it continues to be scheduled with existing customers,潜在客户,客户提供有竞争力的锯切设备,和DoALL分布。

DoALL大学是由DSP工厂区域经理蒂姆•Piehel在休斯顿,TX提供教育和操作锯工厂看到运营商解决方案经验,亚博app的下载途径维修人员,and department supervisors.  The training is designed to enhance and educate the saw operator with a"通用的”,专业投影教学培训课程,relating to sawing applications.  In which today,运营商需要执行与更高层次的知识,技能,和紧迫性。

DoALL大学集中在相关的细节的正确操作锯,亚博app的下载途径叶片,and coolants in the workplace.  The training consists of 4 hours of classroom experience,which includes hands on machine training.  This training program is an experienced training program aligned toward real sawing solutions.  DoALL University is our way of ensuring a higher level of competence,和可靠性为我们所有的客户和供应商。

DoALL University is the added value DoALL provides to customers as it represents the highest standard of performance in everything we do.  We owe every customer and every supplier this value added service or we have not fulfilled our end of the relationship.